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Re: 89-91 Blazer & Jimmy V/R VIN sequence?

Originally Posted by Irish1941 View Post
Wow..nice one!
Always liked the color combo. Looks to be very original.

Oh I remember that truck being for sale. It was in WI or something like that.
Had a roll bar and dual exhaust on it if I recall correctly.
Yes it was on E bay until I made a deal on it. Low miles and very well kept. Its now in Mississippi on the back of a broke down Dodge. Grrrr.

I would have rather it had the Alum dish wheels but I'll leave it the way it is. only plan on adding 33" tires and calling it a day.

The roll bar was added aftermarket and may have to come out, not sure why they would put it up front like that. I had a 79 that had the bar in the back.
I'm looking for a daily driver and hope its not so nice and I won't want to drive it. lol.
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