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2006 5.3 vortec swap advice

So the project that I am currently working on is a 1965 C10 that came with a 1965 327 SBC out of a corvette. To make a long story short after assembling the engine components carb, belts pullies etc. and running it for about 10-15 minutes over a period of several weeks to test fit and such I now have a whole lot of coolant in the engine. So I am thinking of starting over. I have acces locally to a 2006 5.3 chevy vortec engine out of a silverado with 89K miles with no accessories or wiring that i am contemplating turning into a carb ureted LS swap . How hard and what cost to purchase all of the accessories to make this a carburated 5.3 for my truck. I have read as much as I can on many forums and have some idea but wanted to ask the experts for some real world advice.
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