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Re: C30 onto C20 suspension swap.

Originally Posted by Captainfab View Post
If it is a Eaton HO72, I would not bother with it. There is basically no aftermarket support for those and the highest gear ratio available in used form is 4.10's.

A Dana 60 or a 14 bolt is a far better choice.
I got it home today. It's pretty trippy. It used to be a motorhome. He's using the cab for another build, it's emaculant. The thing only had 62,000 miles on it and it was parked under a cover when it wasn't being used. Since it was a motorhome it's got the 157" wheel base and the narrow dually rear end. I'm tempted to put my cab in it instead. With that low mileage I'd probably run it for a while and then start changing stuff like the rear end out here and there.
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