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Re: Pearl vs Metallic questions

Hey Brian, before I get completely committed the color choice I read this in one of your write ups on taping the jambs

Some “value lines” can be very transparent, so you save no money because you may have to put on twice as much. A high pearl or metallic color may “model” easily, that may be a reason to scrap the color or brand.
I have purchased some of the saddle paint color from PPG and the guy told me it doesnt come in the premium line..just the shop line or something like that. Ill post the pic of the can if it helps to get more detail.

Question 1:
How can I accurately test the number of coats needed and transparency on the door I found? I assume spray coat after coat and see what looks right, but what Im getting at is how is it best to judge the color and number of coats to make it look its best. Once I have that figured out I can tell a few things, how much paint Im likely to need and just how transparent the paint they sold me is. To a point you made in the write up, it can effect the old budget.

Question 2:
How can a newbie best tell this metallic paint is going to "model" easily?

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