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Re: Pearl vs Metallic questions

We use test panels like this so you can see if it has full coverage.

I find it very hard, unbelievable that the color isn't available in the top of the line paint. The colors chosen in those value lines are from the top of the line, there are simply much less of them. Where as the top of the line system may have 12k colors the value line has 1500 and where as the top of the line will have "alternates" for each color the value line has none, it's that sort of thing.

If you didn't know, and "alternate" is a created by the manufacturer when they paint thousands of cars and they all aren't shot with the same can of paint right? Even when the paint goes to the factory in 55 gallon drums, there are MANY of those 55 gallon drums and they can vary a little in color, thus creating "alternates." Many colors will have 5-7 alternates. And you can't believe the difference between them! OMG they are DIFFERENT colors. Some you would never see if the cars were parked side by side, others would be very obvious!

But I find it very hard to believe that color wouldn't be available in the high end lne

line. Personally, I would think about a different color then.

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