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Re: 1991 K5 Transmission Overheating

Originally Posted by Zoomad75 View Post
What's the rest of the spec's on the K5. Specifically gear ratio and tire size. Countless 700's have been killed due to heat generated in OD due to large tires and crappy gearing. The larger tires act like an overdrive gear on top of the actual OD in the trans. The engine RPM is lower due to both and it's just not building enough torque to maintain at that given speed. Another way to look at it would be the load at that speed is enough that the TC can't stay locked up. A slipping TC clutch is an instant way to generate heat.
I absolutely agree with all of this. Seems like everything is working ok, but gear ratio is probably far from idea with your setup. What is the gear ratio and tire size? That info will be the key

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