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Re: Post Your Craigslist Finds

Originally Posted by MONTE View Post
K20 in Ogden, Utah. $3,500.
Not sure how to load the hyperlink.
Several ways to do it, but the first step is always right clicking on the long web address for the ad you're looking at - this will normally highlight the whole address (if it doesn't, then you'll need to do it manually. if you left click in there, it should highlight it also, but the dialog box won't pop up) - then either select "copy" from the dialog box that should have popped up when you right clicked and highlighted the address - or - just type Ctrl+C together (does the same thing). The address is now stored in memory for you to paste somewhere else.

Then, when you're back in this forum typing in the info about the ad, you can either:

Just right click in the entry box where you want to put it and select Paste
just have your cursor where you want it in the entry box and type Ctrl+V together.
Either of the above two methods will past the whole long address as a link, but that's just fine.

If you are in the advanced dialog box entry (i.e. clicked "go advanced" or selected "Post Reply" to begin with (not quick reply) - HIGHLIGHT the text you want to become a hyperlink (left mouse and drag over what you want to be the link, i.e. underlined blue text), click on the little (world with a chain link) icon, and past the address you copied into the address box that comes up.

Hope that helps. I looked for the truck you mentioned and couldn't find it, so would love to see it if you get a chance. Thanks for sharing!
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