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Lowering Blocks 101......

I have been messing with the Suburban's stance lately, trying to get it to sit properly.

I needed a couple of extra inches lower in the back. I decided to use a set of lowering blocks, and since lots of folks have asked me lowering block questions before, I decided to photograph the process.

Here's how I did it for $24.80 and a few hours of work.

First, you need the supplies....

Take one of your stock U-bolts to a spring shop and have them make you a pair that are 2 inches longer. If yours are messed up beyond recognition, tell the spring guy you need a pair of 3/4 thread, 24 inch long U-bolts for a 3 inch axle tube. He'll know what to do.

My shop charged me $21.80 for a pair of them, and made them while I stood there and watched...
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