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Re: Installing Air Conditioning in a 71

Not to confuse the situation, but...

My last truck was a 69 SWB with factory air. This little truck was pristine and I kept it that way. The AC was in top notch shape... I kept it proffesionally maintained. That being said... it never ever really cooled the cab that great in fact, when the outside temperature got above 90F it was really marginal.(this was with good old R12 btw)
My new project is a 2wd Jimmy... it too has factory AC. Now Im thinking, if that factory AC didnt work in the little cab of my 69 pickup... How in the heck will it cool a comparitively large cab of a Blazer/Jimmy??
I tore out the factory AC when I did the frame off and went with Vintage Air. (I am told that Old Air is great as well)
Now I havnt started it up yet so I cant vouch for performance improvement, .. but I doubt it could be worse than factory. Here is my way of thinking... With factory air, you are cooling outside air that could be 100F plus continuously. With the aftermarket kits you are recooling cab air which should be Way way cooler since its Re-Circulated.
The only way you can tell that its not completey factory is to look under the hood... I personally can live with that. New technology can be a good thing.
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