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Charlotte: Chronicles of a $100 Hoe

Charlotte: Chronicles of a $100.00 Hoe

Named Charlotte in honor of the 17 Black Widows I killed changing out the rear brakes.

Alrighty then! I am long winded so bear with me while I lay out the plan and try to keep with the plan.

The Story:

I was working on the 2004 Tahoe I am rebuilding for my parents at my little workshop one day (build thread coming for this in the next couple weeks) with some of my many projects in the parking lot and on the street. A random dude stopped by my shop with a story of his own. Apparently he is moving to Missouri, his wife and son have already left and he just need a little money to help with his trip. He thought that I must be a car lot with all the cars I had in the parking lot that day and wondered if I would be interested in buying his Tahoe. I said 'maybe' bring it by and I will take a look, I don't really need another car but if the price is right I might be interested. About an hour later he showed up driving a 2000 Tahoe. He told me that the truck needed rear brake pads and he thought maybe a rotor because it was making a grinding noise. We haggled and struck a deal for $100. Cash in hand, off he went.

I got the truck a couple weeks ago. I work a funny shift, long hours, and sometimes out of town so progress has been slow. Because my job is dictated by the weather I work as much as I can when the sun shines and will end up working only a few days a week come rain season, which is rapidly approaching.

I did not get any photos of the truck when I got it. but I have some photos of it as I have been working on it when I can remember to get photos.

I am building this truck for a couple of old friend who are in need, and I am building it to the specs of what I think they would find most useful and a little extra for fun. You see, they have a small SUV, a kia sportage or some such crap, and they have 4 kids, oldest just turned 16. They live at higher elevations in snow country a little ways from town. Dad is the high school football coach and the 2 oldest play football for the same high school. to get all the kids to school and both adults to work they have to make 2 trips to town each day, and then reverse the process in the afternoons. total PITA from what I would understand. so this will be a purpose built truck.

Build Plan will follow on the next post. gonna break it up a little as I go.
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