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Re: Charlotte: Chronicles of a $100 Hoe

Last weekend I got busy with the interior. I started with the headliner because it needs to come out and go in the trash because of the mold, but mostly because I need to install the sunroof assembly. Of coarse i was not able to install the sunroof because the sunroof i pulled out was installed using bits of plywood and drywall screws. I did not have time to hunt down the proper hardware to install the new assembly before the weekend ended.

With the headliner out of the way I got started on the dash. The truck has a power drain somewhere, the battery will go completely dead after 3 days of not driving it. I noticed that there was an aftermarket stereo installed in the dash but that it did not work. Also there are amp power wires loose under the back seat and wires in the door jambs that just scream TWEAKER! I set upon the wires that were obvious and didn't belong and just started cutting them out wherever I found them. Then I pulled the radio out of the dash hole and found a rats nest of wires that were twisted and duct taped in lieu of solder or crimp joints. Since the dash pad has to come off anyways I yanked it off and found more rats nest and wires going everywhere.

Upon further investigation of the multitude of wire rats nests and stereo junk I found out that the tweak had broken the factory stereo pod mount in the plastic dash framework. He also broke the large plastic dash reinforcement that holds everything together. He also broke the metal framing on the bottom edge of the plastic dash reinforcement. He also tried to fix all the broken bits with duct tape and drywall screws, epic FAIL.

At every turn trying to undo the most fantastic custom stereo install I have ever been witness to in person, I found more broken parts and more of a mess. When I finished pulling out broken plastic and bits of wires going seemingly nowhere, this is what I ended up with:

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