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Re: Charlotte: Chronicles of a $100 Hoe

It is a high mileage truck, 240k or so on it. Believe it or not, it runs and drives pretty good considering the front end is wore out. Good power, shifts good, t-case seems to work well also.

The vast majorities of the issues are the dash wiring and the fact that the sun roof was left open all winter and caused mold issues.

The body is mostly straight and it doesn't have the tell-tale gm lifter tick. So either the engine was replaced at some point or it was well maintained by one of the previous owners.

There is an oil leak that I believe is the rear main seal. It leaks considerably less today than a week ago and less a week ago than the day I bought it. Might get lucky and the seal just dried up a bit from sitting for almost a year. MIGHT.

I think again that the majority of the current issues are because the 'wife' just drove it until she moved, doing as most of our wives do and not mentioning the deficiencies until it was too late or not at all. I think the radio was the result of a previous previous owner who was either a tweak or a kid with no proper knowledge of how to install a stereo. I was there once, it's not a far stretch.
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