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Re: 1985 S10 part out

I need the complete frame and the brake pedal assembly for my 54 swap.

I don't need the rear axle, none of the body parts, seat has been recovered in a brown naugahide and atually looks good. Everything is up for grabs.

Yeah, supposed to be in Carrolton at the granddaughter's birthday party Sunday, but no go because of the Corona thing. The truck is sitting at the ranch waiting for me to get done with the 48 so I can really start on the 54. If you have any questions let me know.

8man-aka Robert
1948 on a S10 Frame, small block with a carb
1954 Cab, 53 Front and Bed, 50 Doors, S10 Frame, Power TBD
Build thread: Wife's 48 & 54 sort of
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