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Holley Sniper wiring

I've searched and searched until my eyes are bleeding but I haven't found my answer. Maybe my Google-Fu is just off...

I'm hooking up my Holley Sniper system in my 71 and wiring is not my strong suit. I have a Painless harness and according to Painless I can use their pink wire as switch power for EFI. But they also say to connect that same wire to the Batt terminal on my HEI. I asked Holley if I can use that as the connection for the Sniper pink wire. They just repeated the same, it has to be a clean power source.

Can I use this wire, it comes from the ignition via the fuse box, for my Sniper? If not, how are y'all connecting the pink wire on the Sniper?

Sorry if it's been beat to death, I just couldn't find the answer.

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