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Re: 4L80E & TH400 Tech.

You probably covered this somewhere in here but I'll ask again.
I just put a 4L80 from a 2002 van behind a gen 1 327.
the van had a 350 vortex in it. fluid was good so I just put a filter and fluid in and crossed my fingers.
Everything worked good when I fired her up. upshifts and downshifts in drive all good. Then when the controller ( Quickshift 1) shows 140 F. the convertor starts locken up and killen the engine. worse in reverse but still bad in fward.
I put a temp gauge in the test hole on drivers side of tranny. the gauge takes 30 minutes to come up to 100 F. but the controller says I'm at 140 F. I checked the gauge and sending unit on my engine temp system they are working. The tranny is plumbed into the rad. but did have a little trouble getten the lines in close enough to the tranny so they don't hit the tunnel.
I don't have any trouble at 130 F. but then it starts grabbing real hard above that. this is my first electric lock up tranny, but I've rebuilt some TH. in the past. ???
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