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Re: Rockwell T-221 durability for the long haul

The T-221 is a great case and will do what you need.

I had a 60 frame that I placed a 69 body on and installed a 375HP 350 in it with a SM465. 4.11 gears and 33" tires. I ran 75-80 MPH all the time in it for long distances, then used it on the farm to pull grain wagons from the field to the farm or to the grain elevator.

The only issues I had was that it leaked oil ALL THE TIME. The gear oil would seep through the shims on the side. I caulked the outside of everything in an attempt to keep it in.

I tried the "overfill" thing by parking it on a sidehill, then filling it a bit more, then driving it. Unfortunately, it puked out all the extra oil from the vent plug on the top of the housing, so it coated the underside of the truck in gear oil.

IMO, it's a HD T-Case and will withstand everything you give it. I also had (3) spares in the basement.......
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