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Re: Rockwell T-221 durability for the long haul

Originally Posted by Short 3/4 View Post
Nice. What book is that out of, factory or aftermarket? I think my local Ace Hardware stocks that 'kit'
Thanks, Tom
Somewhere along the line, I found a parts book - that's where it is from. The book has all the part numbers for the bearings, seals, etc. I am unable to attach it here, but if you PM me with your e-mail, I will send it along.

I agree, the best solution is to fix the leaks. I am pretty much there, but it still loses about 1/4" over a year or so. Haven't had the time to break it all down and re-seal everything.

Still, being paranoid about the oil level, and the scarcity of parts, I am still considering a high level kit. The street elbow only adds about an inch or so...I was thinking of using a street tee with a sight plug in the end to be able to easily see the level without pulling the plug....
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