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Re: post up your camping pics

Yeah, great pictures....that was a fun weekend…..except for you! Unfortunately, it was the same weekend you barber-poled your rear shaft on Old TinCup. We winched and tugged Rob for 2 miles to the Summit of TinCup pass where he drove home the rest of the way in front wheel drive.

As a side note......Our other buddy's (Bill) extinct ’83 Ram Charger lives on in the form of a ’92 Ram Charger. Swapped over geartrain (ARB’d Dana 44/60) and winch bumpers into newer sheetmetal. Easy way to fix body damage and get a fuel injected engine and OD trans. This truck is coming along on Desert Trip 2011 this coming July.

The old blue ’83 went to the crusher...

A few oldies before I got the shell. Prolly around 2003 or 2004. Grizzly Lake – Chaffee County, CO. This trail is one mean SOB in a full-size truck!

Another old one.

Packing up after a cold night – Taylor Lake – Chaffee County, CO

Desert Trip 2010 – Canyonlands – Utah

Favorite camp spot of desert trip 2010 – Ekker Butte, Utah – Canyonlands

Absolute unbelievable view! Awesome place! This spot is an 8 hour off-road trail from the nearest highway. The nearest town by way of roads is 120 miles. Don’t break anything!

Camped at Moab. Moab is a joke. That is where trailer queens go to wheel…real Overlanders go to Canyonlands to camp and wheel for 7 days at a time out in the bush like we did. We had to swing by Moab to see what all the hoopla is about. Wasn’t impressed. FOUR WHEELER and 4-Wheel & Off-Road can keep it.

GPS download from 2009 Desert Trip: (SPOT pages load slow!)

GPS download from 2010 Desert Trip: (SPOT pages load slow!)

If you are seriously into the Overlanding type of 4wheeling check out The site is not for the CK5, Pirate4x4 type crowd, rock crawlers, mudders, etc. The site is intended for people that really use their rigs for extended off-road travel. That site is my second favorite online hangout.

My topper is actually in process of being replaced with a full-on custom made off-road camper being built by Phoenix Campers in Denver to make living quarters more comfy on these long distance trips. Hope to take delivery of it by April 2011. Pictures will be appearing shortly after!
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