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Re: post up your camping pics

Yeah we can laugh about that splattered driveshaft now. In the words of my 14yr old gamer son, that was an "epic fail!". Even worse was the fact that somewhere in that stupid rockpile did I realize my wallet was MIA. I was half tempted to drive back down to the campsite to look for it. The impending storm coming over the ridge was a dose of reality to just stick with the group. The ride from the summit to St. Elmo was fun with what was left of the rear shaft clanking like a cowbell every time it rotated. I found the wallet when I was putting the tools from pulling the remains of the shaft back in the rear of the truck. It was stuck between the bumper and fuel tank skidplate and rode all the way over the mountain in that spot.

At least the fishing was better up there than it usually was. Still was fun despite my stupidity.
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