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Re: 92 Sonoma

Just some up-dates on what Im currently doing to the truck. Havent been doing anything to the actual truck, its been way to cold here with more snow than Ive ever seen. I have though been working on the dash, as its small enough to fit into my room for me to work on. Over Christmas break I started glassing and smoothing my dash, nothing custom or anything just a smooth stock dash.

I started out by taking all the blue crap off it and then started putting some fiberglass down. Now Im in the filling and smoothing stage. But anyway here are the pics.

The only custom thing in the whole dash(except I did delete two air vents) is where my radio goes.

Here are the most recent pics I got. These are from yesterday and today. It was warm enough for me to work in the garage this weekend so I got alot more done then usual.

And some stuff that did get done to the truck. First is my new exhaust, single in/dual out muffler running out the back at 45's with 3 1/2 in by 18 in tips.

And second I got my new to me bottom lights installed and with that I also got my blinkers working agian.

And sorry about the way the pictures are, the first few were taken with my now broke camera and the ones after that were taken with my phone.
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