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Re: How much rust is too much?

Originally Posted by franken View Post
POR is paint over rust. You don't plan to do that so be aware that over a not correctly prepped surface, POR can peel right off. You also pretty much can't blast, prep, or get paint into some spaced, just FYI.
Your friend's estimate of cost for metalwork is unrealistic. Getting the tools off CL and learning the skills is more realistic. The cab is a bit rough. Try pricing all the needed patch panels, not all of which are available. Better to fabricate some bits.
Swapping VINs isn't a great idea. Its a federal issue, there are hidden VIN and correct ways to attach the plates.

I've never seen a hidden vin on one of these. Just cab ( plate) and frame
stamped. The only other number I have seen on a 55 59 is a year stamp on back panel low on the corner of 58 and 59 which is usually gone and not on all of them
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