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Re: 72 Cheyenne Super, 400, AT, Tilt, Tach...a SWB is born! (another LWB to SWB)

I met my wife in 1982 and at the time I was driving a '68 shorty, ever since then every time she sees one of these trucks she has to point it out to me so that's why she sent me that photo.

Half kidding I told her to put a note on it asking if it was for sale...its the second time in my life I have done this. I used to buy them the old fashioned way, from the newspaper or the auto trader magazine. Craigslist killed that way of buying and I hate craigslist, too many phonies, etc. You used to have to pay to advertise your car or truck for sale and that made most ads legit.

Anyway off my craigslist rant...guy called me back and I went to look at it. He was asking $1000, had it on craigslist a few times, seems I might have noticed it, not sure. Typical craigslist truck, missing much of the original parts and wrong style engine partially installed and missing remainder or stuff to install it.
I offered him $650 then went up progressively to $750 which he had countered at...then I said something about that's a lot of money for a parts truck he declined to sell it to me because he wanted someone to fix it up. Basically he shook my hand and sent me on my way.

I wanted the truck bad. Here is the description.
71 3/4 ton GMC Sierra, Red and White, original paint, rust free doors and fenders, really nice grill and front bumper. Originally was a bucket seat truck (bench now). Has the factory auxiliary fuel tank and bedside tool storage. Good tires. He states the half installed engine is good and it has a brand new Edelbrock intake and new set of headers. I check the engine code and it comes back as a 1994 350 from a truck like he said he got it from.

I really need the doors for the green or yellow truck.

So in the evening I send the guy a text saying thanks for showing it and I include a link to this build thread, said check it out and I would really like to buy the truck.

He texts me back saying he likes the build and agrees to sell it to me. We got snow last night so the truck is covered with that, will post some pictures when the snow melts off.
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