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Re: 72 Cheyenne Super, 400, AT, Tilt, Tach...a SWB is born! (another LWB to SWB)

Originally Posted by zicc1835 View Post
ok Randy im in for the ride any updates?
Thanks for checking out my build. I do need to update this. I really like the 71 GMC I bought. I used to hate the GMC's but they have really grown on me so I decided to build the truck I almost built back in 1994...I'm building it into a 4 door crew cab. I read the other crew cab build threads on here and pulled the trigger.
It really takes a couple trucks to make a crew cab body and frame, and I have a few frames and cans
I have an extra 71 chevy 3/4 ton frame and cab to use for the frame. My plan on making the frame with a wheelbase of 148 inches is to cut each frame in the middle under the cab in the flat area. Will cut one long from front the rear and the other long rear to front and weld together so there is only one joint in the frame. I will carefully measure each from a common point to get the required wheelbase.
The extra cabs will give me roof skins and headliners to weld up the long roof and headliner.
I bought a pretty decent 71 suburban so I would have the doors and A and B pillars. I already have the suburban cut down to fit up the back of a cab to the floor. The suburban "body" is on a rolling cab cart awaiting its new truck cab back section and roof.
I have a 383 I built for my son a few years ago than has less than 100 miles on it, I was gonna use that and the existing th350 trans but decided to go big block n on this truck too, so I am picking up a 69 1/2 ton big block truck this weekend for the powertrain on the crew cab build.
The crew cab is going to be short bed, big block, 3/4 ton GMC, with tilt, tach, and A/C. It will be black and white exterior with blue houndstooth interior. I may now paint the short Cheyenne super back to the original dark olive with olive interior since I have lots of green interior parts.

Will post pics later
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