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Re: Electrolysis damage to my radiator after 5,000 miles?

In my free internet opinion, no. I have aluminum radiators in my truck and my furriner-built econoboxes and they are not suffering from electrolysis after several years. I guess the only thing that springs to mind is that maybe their fans have something to do with it. Also, if it's leaking from the same area on both, I'd look at workmanship. Where exactly is it leaking from?

ETA- In older vehicles, I used water soluble oil to completely isolate the system. It lays a thin layer of oil on all the inside surfaces of the cooling system. It's not thick enough to alter the cooling characteristics. I've run straight tap water with soluble oil in climates where there is no freezing, and the water stays clear- there was no rust in it, even after many thousands of miles. I don't use it in my econoboxes because they are all under warranty and I don't want anything to mess that up. But they all go to the dealer for maintenance. If they determine it is time for a flush and fill, they will get the job, since they would be responsible if anything went wrong.
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