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Re: 20 Inch Tire Pressures

Originally Posted by tino0217 View Post
I appreciate the reply bro, the clutch is feathered that's how I bought the truck from this young kid, he was a wizard and only 23yrs old. what I did tonight was I put some chalk on the tires to to see where it was wearing. so I have the tires inflated properly. So I'm going to load up the German Shepherd go for a drive see how it drives hopefully problem solved I can't lose any sleep over the traction in the rain due to the fact I live in Seattle it is my every day Runner but it is what it is I would rather have my tires properly inflated . so they're 34 in the front and 30 in the back and I threw three tires in the rear of the bed. Thanks again brother love these forums. God bless
Doesn’t matter what or how you drive in the right conditions you’ll spin the tires.
A little oil residue with moisture at our normal winter temps makes for slippery conditions.
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