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Re: '68 air ride.

Originally Posted by Willie Makeit View Post
new member. only two posts. running in and tell all of us "nothing to see here" when a known scam-company is mentioned.

sounds legit. <roll eyes>
Look man you got this thing all wrong. Yes I do work for and with Airslamit but I dont want to get in trouble for breaking any rules are promoting our brand or company. That is not the objective here.

I am only pointing at the fact that we are not the same company that's it. I have been in the industry for almost 25 yrs and I have been a member of this site several times over the years. I only posted a thing because it drives me crazy when I see someone saying we are the same company or even related to that place. We work hard on customer service and when you get knocked down just because someone assumes you are someone else or did something it stings.
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