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Re: C10CJ: A Pro-touring '71 Stepside on a No Limit Pro-C10 Chassis

So one advantage of being behind on the build thread is those things that take months can happen over night. So one thing to remember when digging this far into your truck, whether going with a full chassis, sub frames, whatever, is that there can be substantial lead time. In the case of full chassis, you can expect around 12 weeks or more. It just takes time to build these things and these guys are busy, so remember to plan that in and be patient.

One thing that can be challenging is the shipping. I don't have a commercial shop with a dock, so getting the chassis from No Limit out east to my house in CO was interesting. But No Limit does this all the time. The have the crating down pat and figured out how to ship these things via UPS! ok. UPS Freight, but still ...

I arranged to pick the chassis up from the shipping depot. That was an interesting experience to say the least. The chassis ships on its side, and then we had to lay it down flat onto the trailer. I also had some interesting conversation with the guys at the UPS depot (which is also a regional distribution/transfer center). To paraphrase a couple guys "we've seen a lot of chassis come through here ... but none seem to be built as well as this one."

And yep, chassis came fully assembled. Of course, me being me I've take some of it back apart for various reasons.
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