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Re: C10CJ: A Pro-touring '71 Stepside on a No Limit Pro-C10 Chassis

In parallel with the chassis work, I've been working on some firewall cleanup and other various minor body work. I did wind up having a little "fun" with the cab. I got that clutch rod hole all patched up and filled a bunch of smaller holes. Still have some holes to fill yet.

I was then staring at the engine/chassis one night. I was standing on the driver side. I remembered that the LS sits back around an inch from a SBC, and I had Rob set me up to put this thing as far back as he could. And he did. So then I did some measuring as I like to do (it's borderline OCD). Crunched some numbers, then got worried. So I set the cab back on the chassis ... and confirmed my worries. Not a clash, but too close for comfort. So I'll need to modify the recently patched area. Live and learn.
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