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Vin and Engine code help!!

I have been trying to figure out what is going on here. My blazer has this VIN:
This I have interpreted to mean it came with:
4x4, 5L, 1/2T, and Blazer, 1979, flint. Did I miss anything there?

the engine in it has the following partial:
and ID:

It looks like the engine code says it was built in Ontario on April 5th, and is a 350 from a Conventional Cab with 160hp and a 4bbl carb, with the body styles being C20-3500. I don't know what the body styles part means.

The partial VIN tells me that the vehicle was a 1974, built in Baltimore. I can assume the 3rd digit was an L based on the engine. What does the C mean? I can't find that one.

What am I missing as far as the vehicle the engine came out of? I would like to know, but have no idea. What vehicles were made in Baltimore in 1974? would an engine from Canada have been shipped to Baltimore to be put in a vehicle?

thanks for the insight.
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