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Re: Current S10 build project 350 swap and 4" bodydrop

I'm really shooting for this summer... i wanna drive this thing!!

I'm horrible at taking pictures while working but progress is being made.

Cabs back on along with front sheet metal
started working on a homemade sheetmetal intake to clear the hood
driveshaft installed (shortened, rebalanced, new u joints),
crazy 4" tall driveshaft tunnel bent up and welded in,
the notches in the back cab wall also bent up and welded in
rad support was cut out in the center and radiator flushed in
dual 12" electric fans bought , working on making a shroud for them
Exhaust started with a bunch of prebent mandrel sections (Xpipe under tranny tail shaft, flowmaster 40's then dumped out in front of the rear wheels.)
Picked up a set of camaro seats, cutting tracks to sit as low as possible

I think thats the mentionable stuff for now..
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91 s10 - bagged bodydropped 4", 350/700R4, narrowed reared, cantilever rear air bag setup
1951 chevy 3100 - in build/acquiring parts process. Have full C4 Corvette suspension front and rear, tpi 350, 700r4, 18" torque thrust II wheels
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