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Re: Got ripped off

Originally Posted by Rickysnickers View Post
'65, try this link. You can do an online report. I won't get in the middle of whether the officer was right or wrong in not doing a report. However, since it was an internet scam, you can do this report.

Honestly though, I won't be surprised if the crime doesn't get investigated. We get lots of these, where I work, and unfortunately, they take a lot of time to investigate. Also, like in this case, they cross state lines, which muddies the waters even more.
The cops aren't going to investigate this at all. The cop that came for the report acted like a di(k about it. I explained that I was only doing what Western Union said I needed to do, but he was still an azz. I kinda agree about that, but I was just trying to get my money back.
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