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Re: C50 dimensions

What dimensions are you looking for in particular? Everything varies or are the same.

Wheelbases range from short to looooong and anywhere inbetween. 2 chassis I have though are 127" wheelbase, same as longbed C20, but one has 2 feet of extra frame out back and another has 6' of frame out back. Run a flat or dump bed, wheelbase and frame length could stick way out there.

Frames are heavier but widths are similar since the cabs mount to the same widths.

Cabs are the same except for the firewall and toe boards up front that account for the inner wheel wells.

Doors are the same except with the front most cut out for the inner wheel wells.
Windshield and side windows are the same as a truck.

Small back windows similar to 67's I believe.

Etc Etc. What are you looking for to compare?
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