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Moulding Purchase Discussion

I will be ordering moulding / trim for my truck in the next week and am looking for advice in general. I will be putting 67/68 lower trim with 72 upper trim on the truck, my questions are...

Should I buy the metal clip kits instead of using the adhesive ones that come with the trim? I'm leaning towards the metal clips.

Mar-K seems to have alot of votes for quality, who sells Mar-K trim? It seems like I have read that you can get it a bit cheaper from some places besides Mar-K's website.

What about the 72 tailgate trim (the wide "Chevrolet" piece), I can't find that on Mar-K's website. Who sells a quality tailgate piece in black (not woodgrain)?

Do the '72 tail gates with the wide "Chevrolet" trim also get the lower thin trim piece? I'm sure my tail gate had the upper thin piece, but I can't find any lower pieces in my stash of parts.

Drip Rail Moulding, I have read of problems there with the aftermarkets not fitting well, who to buy from? I'm set on it, just need to get the best I can.

LMC sure has a nice catalog, I'd love to get this stuff from one place, but I will break it up to avoid the risk of bad parts. So, any advice on places to buy any of the trim items would be great.
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