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Re: Dakota Dig. BIM-01-2 info for Gen IV

I have the exact combo you are looking at.

I cant help much on gear position as Im not utilizing the black box on the side of transmission. If your harness is stock or has that built in there is a better chance of that working. It seems to me though that on the newer ones that this info went to the bcm, but that could be wrong.

A few things I can confirm, Ive only ran through a little bit with mine as I just got it hooked up and going a couple weeks ago. I can confirm that I have water temp, oil pressure, transmission temp, and the tach through the BIM. Speed most likely works too, but cant confirm as I ran a dedicated VSS wire for speed and am using that so I have a speedometer when tuning with the obd2 port. There may be other readings that I havent ran across yet, but the important ones are there.
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