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Re: Dakota Dig. BIM-01-2 info for Gen IV

I have the BIM-01-2 connected to my HDX gauge set. I received the same info regarding the oil pressure issue. I just put a tee inline(at the stock sensor behind the intake) and connected the oil pressure sender that came with the kit.
I have everything working including the gear selector. My combo is a 2008 LY4 4L60 with a 1990 NP241C transfer case with the VSS in the transfer case.
The cost is a little high for the gauges but the ease of getting all the data in one location is awesome. I only had to run 2 wires into the engine bay that was for the oil sender.
I have used the VHX before and it is working great but love the HDX series.
I get:
Speed,Tach,Volts,Water temp,oil pressure,trans temp,gear selection
and bunch more if I scan for them in the menu.

I hope this helps.
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