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Re: What did you do with your truck today, Part 3

Last week I got my gas gauge functioning - what a relief! Next I needed to address the heating issues I have at freeway speed (indicating an airflow deficiency).

I removed the old Chevy Cavalier 14" electric fan that was in my truck when I bought it (4-cylinder fan - pathetic!) and installed a Spal 16" high-performance unit. I've used this model before - they pull about four times the air of a cheapo fan. Ha ha, I should be able to throw my truck in neutral and the fan will pull me down the road like an airplane propeller!

I also removed the fan shroud that was in the truck. The shroud actually blocks much of the radiator, restricting airflow at speed by forcing all the air through the relatively small fan opening (see illustration below in case I haven't clarified this). Now I have unobstructed airflow front and rear through the radiator!

It's going to be in the mid-90's all week, a good time to test it out.
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