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Re: Bucket seat conversion using bench seat brackets how to

Now for the driver' side. As you can see from the pic, the original 1970 bench seat brackets both required some light modification in order to work with the new bracket adaptors. The rear mounts were shortened and flipped "forward" and welded in place. Just use the original bench seat floor bolt holes for the driver's side seat bracket (one closest to the door) New floor holes will have to be drilled for the other bracket (closest to the console).
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Pic of what a stock 1970 bench seat bracket looks like:
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Pretty good write up of the different types of bench seat brackets by year:

This what the bracket adaptors look like once bolted to the drivers seat:
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I had to mess around to get the right height that's what the wood blocks are for and notched the rear bench seat bracket mounts for clearance issues. I also drilled a new bolt hole on the bench seat bracket mount closest to the center console, again for clearance issues.
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and what it looks like once everything is bolted in place. 5/16 holes were drilled and tapped into the bracket adaptors:
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