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Re: How about some pics of '73-'87 Short Beds Part II

Originally Posted by badchevy View Post
Here is my 87 with 3" drop Belltech spindles and one coil cut and flip kit out back. I'm running 8" rallies with 255/70s in all four corners. I do rub on hard dips. You are only dropping it 3" so I'm going to say you'll be alright. At a minimum, you'll rub on hard dips only. Since you already have the tires, just do it. You can always buy shorter tires later. Just my 2 cents.

I really appreciate it man, finally I found someone with the exact drop Im wanting to go for, If you say that I will clear the 3in drop spindles on hard dips then I'll think I'm gonna go for it, Oh and I need to ask, What size and brand flip kit did you buy for your truck, would really be helpfull. Thanks for the response, and Im really diggin that truck
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