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Re: K20 brake part question

Originally Posted by 61K10 View Post
So what you're saying they are different than 1/2 t? They changed the front brakes in 63 or 64 in the 1/2 ton. don't know about 3/4t. A pic of what you have would help figuring wat you have.
I'm sorry I was not very clear. I looked back at my original post and saw I should have said the SELF adjuster hardware. This would have been newly introduced in 64 and should be the same for 64 65 66, but don't know if parts the same for later years of drum setups. I have the correct backplate/shoes/drums/cyls/adjusters/etc. All I need is the self adjuster leavers and springs. I have complete 65 1/2 ton set-up but is not same as 3/4 ton. Can't really post a picture as all I have is a bunch of parts I can't bolt together until I have everything. Was hopping somebody with a K20 could post a picture.
Sorry I messed up original question. Anybody out there with a 4-5-6 K20 still have original brakes?
Thanks, Tom
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