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Re: Fuel Tank Fun

Originally Posted by bpmcgee View Post
Guys, you're missing his point.

His point is that a new reproduction part should be just that -- a reproduction. Unless you're told at the time you make the purchase, the expectation is that the new part will be useable for the application without this kind of major modification.

That is exactly my point Brian! I now have to take time off work, shuttle two tanks to a rad shop (which is tough in a Jeep) and layout money and time for something that should have been correct on delivery.

Originally Posted by Yukon Jack View Post
That really sucks especially since the filler neck now points right at the body mount. At first I thought you could just make an extension of your rubber hose but with the filler neck pointing right at the body mount, that won't work. Good luck finding a solution.
That was my initial thought. I figured I could adjust the angle of the connector tube and twist it around to work, but the body mounts has it's own idea of fun...

For those that may have not seen the parts that connect, here are a couple more pics of the areas involved...

Here is the connector tube from the bedside filler, down to the tank filler. My first thought was to twist this toward the tank. The smaller hose is the vent.

This is the bedside filler area (image rotated). Note the metal to rubber connection near the bed floor that would allow the connector tube in the previous photo to be rotated.

I have not yet heard from the vendor about this, so I'll give them a chance to make good. Sad part is that the Blazer was my DD, as my Jeep's not quite ready.

I'll post whatever recourse I come down to.


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