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Re: Fuel Tank Fun

It's looking up so far....

Took the new tank and the cleaned and prepped old filler to a raditor shop this morning about 8:30. Rusty (Oh, how ironic) called me just before noon and said it was ready and bring $30.

I picked it up at lunch and it looks like a thing of beauty! Rusty said the original new tank neck was silver soldered on and it take ALOT of heat to get it off. The neck was reinstalled with 'soft' solder, just like the original. The prepatory work last night made it "easy work" for Rusty today, so he could jump right on it and get it knocked out.

As a bonus, I got a line on a used top and door set for the Jeep from one of the guys there - may be able to pick it up for $50.

Tank goes back in tonight with new vent and supply and return and whatever-the-other-line-is hoses and new filler hose if I can find 1-3/8" locally. BTW - the original filler neck measures just at 1-3/8" od. I should be ready for a road trip and fishing on Saturday!

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