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Re: You Chose a Blazer/Jimmy - WHY?

Basically like them because you don't see many around & I like to be different. And it's fun overhearing folks wondering if it's a truck that I cut the top off of ...people around here don't have a clue!

The long story... My husband built a mud truck that we had alot of fun with, thats what got me into the whole offroad mode (I was raised drag racing). I was looking for a daily driver & came across an '85 Jimmy with 35s & 6" lift. I thought it looked cool & was in my price range so got it. At the time I was driving 90 miles a day of gravel roads to my was a blast. Then summer came & we took the top off & it was like I had a whole new truck. Got to where I couldn't afford to feed it & my husband was tired of working on it all weekend; sold it for a Tacoma. Missed the fun & breeze in my hair ever since. So started looking for another now that I have a closer job & can afford a weekend vehicle. Realized 1st gens are full convertibles and that's where I am today!
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