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Re: Attempting my first build 72 K5

Update here..

Over the weekend I pulled the motor, tranny, xfer case out. There was years of caked on oil on the xfer case and transmission. I'm going to use my gas powered power washer and hook it up to the hot water line, but it only gets up to 140 degrees. It's better than just using cold water from the outside hose..

Today I'm taking the tranny and xfer case to the shop to have them go through and rebuild them. The xfer case might not need and work.. There was no play on either yokes.. Usually those things have a lot of play if they are old and worn out. If it doesn't need a full rebuild, I should be able to save some money.

The guy Im using is going to rebuild the transmission for $495 and it includes a new torque converter. What stall converter should I use or what are most guys running? (the truck is not lifting and I think the stock gearing is 3.07) The motor is going to have about 340HP, 375 LB TQ and the meat of the power will be in that 1800-5000 RPM range.

The radiator needs replacing, too. The inside is rusted and the water coming out of it was filth.. The water coming out of the engine almost looked like oil, that's how bad it was.
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