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Re: 1972 Jimmy + 5.3/4L60E/NP205

I went to go have the local tranny shop swap out my AA output shaft and come to find out it was toast (the tranny) despite only having 55k miles on it. I called the lot I got it from and they told me that the t-case from the donor truck was cracked when they got the truck and someone must have driven it while all the fluid was leaking out and burned it up. Long story short, they are crediting me and I had another one I already had, rebuilt with some upgraded parts and shift kit. So now everything is brand new and no worries there anymore.

I installed the t-case with new poly bushings and the x-member. And then hooked up the rest of the AA kit to the back of the tranny (VSS, clocking ring, etc)

It was time to do a mock up in order to find out where my PacFab engine crossmember needed to be installed so I did that today. Got it all installed. Went pretty well. The bump stop brackets needed to be removed as the X-member was right on top of the factory rivets.

Next I am going to plumb all my fuel, transmission, brake lines while the drivetrain is on the frame. If I was smart I would have backed my truck into the garage for the tear down, I can't get the frame back under it with the engine/tranny installed so I'll pull those when the time comes and put the body back on.

'72 Jimmy 4x4 - 5.3/4L65E/NP205 swap
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