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Re: 1972 Jimmy + 5.3/4L60E/NP205

I just checked the location of the original engine, and the front of the pulley is 11 1/4" from the rad support. I would estimate that the pulley is about 2 1/4 inches away from the rear lower part of the cross member. Regardless, there's tons of room.
I'm still debating whether I'll be running AC. Do you think there's enough clearance for the l 5.3 compressor in it's original location?
I just cleaned the block on my 5.3, and looks just as clean as yours under the rocker cover. The block itself though was coated with a layer of rust about 1/16 thick thanks to our Canadian winters and road salt.
Another question I had is which power steering pump will you be using? I'd like to use the one on the 5.3, but concerned about differences in pressure.
BTW, my truck is originally from Salem Missouri.

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