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Re: 1972 Jimmy + 5.3/4L60E/NP205

My crank pulley to the front crossmember is right at 1 1/4"

I slapped on my AC compressor and took some pictures. I don't think it is going to happen without notching the frame. A custom fitting wouldn't be an option either, at least from the angles I am looking at. A different mount would be the best way to do this.

As far as the power steering I am planning on using the factory 5.3 pump with a hydroboost out of the same year 04-2500. I have heard you can use a fitting on the rear of the pump to reduce the flow of the fluid. I'll post the picture and part # if I find it.


'72 Jimmy 4x4 - 5.3/4L65E/NP205 swap

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