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Re: 78 2wd Blazer - LS Swap and more..

I got really tired of cranking my rear window up and down so I finally upgraded to a power setup. I will say it wasn't so much the cranking that bothered me, but the locking and unlocking of the crank handle. It's a two handed operation so if you've got your hands full that means you're setting your stuff on the roof. So, I purchased an original power regulator here on the board and had it converted to run on a late model power window motor over at Nu-Relics. It's not a 100% bolt in operation but with a few small modifications it's all in there. One thing is that the new motor requires a reversing switch unlike the original. So, in order for it to work and still use the key switch I had to wire in a pair of relays to do the polarity switching with the original 2 pole switch of the tailgate.

I also scored an NOS lock housing so I was pretty excited about that. Here is a video of the new setup running.. When Buffydores is here in October we can run a window drag race against the original setup. Hehe
Blazer Tailgate Window Video

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