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Originally Posted by smbrouss70 View Post
This past weekend wasn't a great weekend for the Blazer. I wanted to at least get the offending metal out of the way for the "Lucy" mod so that I could get an accurate measurement for narrowing the rear axle, but the spinning carriage bolts holding the wheel tubs in fought me the whole way. After I left for TX again Monday morning a friend suggested that instead of trying to loosen them, I should have just tightened till they broke. DOH! (said in my best Homer Simpson impression)

After drilling out most of those bolts, my wife wanted to get in the back and vacuum up all the metal shavings to save me some time. With the blazer up in the air, she was coming out backwards on the passenger side and lost her grip and fell out of the Blazer. She banged herself up pretty good and had the knob on the passenger seat release handle hit her in the eye. After I made sure she was OK, she still didn't think it was funny when I told her that her friends were going to be jealous of the black eye she got for Valentine's Day. On her way out of the Blazer she fell against the passenger door and tweaked it a bit. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that fact until after I heard the pop of the door skin coming out from under the back lip of the front fender when I went to close the door. Yep, it chipped some of that 48 year old paint on the front of the door.

My wife was more concerned about the door than herself. I told her that I can fix the alignment of the door, but I'm not going to fix the paint, it'll be one more part of the story of this Blazer to go along with all of the other bumps, bruises, scrapes, and scratches that it has from living on a ranch in TX most of its life. I told her that the next owner will make up stories about all of the damage just like I did. I pointed out a dent above the passenger reverse light and told her an elaborate story about a prize winning bull named Armando Montenegro III that kicked it because he was jealous of all the attention that its owner was giving the Blazer. She did laugh and feel better about it after that story.

I did get a jig built to properly locate the trailing arm perches, so I have those welded on in the correct place and went ahead and welded the axle tubes to the center section. I also made some cribbing blocks to hold the tires up in place for measuring.

Needless to say, after her accident I turned off the lights, locked the shop up, and left it alone. Hopefully, this weekend will be better and I can get the housing dropped off to get narrowed, and the calipers dropped off for powder.
That sucks but at least she’s mostly ok. And the wife as well. Lol. One more story to tell doesn’t hurt.
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