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Re: Ratchet's Blazer - 1970 2wd with Original paint

Well, the mini-Blazer came in and the color isn't quite what it looked like in the pics. It is actually teal and nowhere near the color of my Blazer, oh well.

I finally got the metal between the inner and outer bedsides cut out and was able to give myself 3/4" between the inside of the tires and the edge of the floor where the tubs bolt in. I need to pick up some 18 Ga. sheetmetal to make the replacement inserts, I have 12 Ga., but it is way too thick to bend into shape.

My measurement from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface is 59-3/8" and that is very close to the lip of the outer bedside. Since this is my first narrowed rear end (I'm second-guessing myself a lot) and the fact that I already have a set of quality 1/4" wheel spacers, I decided to give the guy narrowing the rear end a 58-7/8" measurement, just in case I am too close to the outer lip. I dropped the housing off last night and should have it back by next weekend. Once I have the housing back and double-check everything, I will order the axles.

I also dropped off the calipers and the Kingsport Grey powder, I should have those back by next weekend also.

No pics due to the fact that I was rushing to get everything done before coming back to work in TX today, not to mention having a double root canal done on Tuesday...

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