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Re: Peeling paint prep

When I bought my dark blue '88 a few years ago it was peeling. GM had put out a service bulletin to dealers long ago on this truck telling them to repaint free, but only those made in the Louisiana plant--- mine was made in Indiana. I guess if your truck wasn't made in Louisiana, it wasn't really peeling, lol. GM told the dealers that no "primer" was used, that there was a different type undercoat used. I don't remember what it was called. I had a cheap paint job done just to get rid of the peel, and the shop charged me an extra $300 IIRC for all the sanding.

As far as I'm concerned though, this problem occurred in many years and models going way back. I've always thought GM had a paint problem. I bought a new white '72 Buick, and within a two years it was peeling. The dealer said tough sh-t.
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